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Welcome to the O Scale Directory.

Our objective is to promote all varieties of 1:48 scale railroading, including scale, Proto:48 (P48), hi-rail, tinplate, narrow gauge and traction.

O Scale has entered a period of renewed interest that’s attracting significant numbers of new people to the hobby. We want the O Scale Directory to serve as a primary reference source for these new railroad enthusiasts as well as for experienced hobbyists.

Getting buyers and sellers together is critical. If they don’t know about each other, the buyer can’t get what he wants and then the seller is soon out of business!

The Directory should be as comprehensive as possible. That’s why we will work with the small suppliers to keep the basic charge as minimal as possible. Many small suppliers with excellent products simply don’t have room in their budget for extensive advertising.

Even with our best efforts, some listings are sure to be wrong or missing. To keep the Directory as current as possible, we solicit your help with updates, corrections and new suppliers.

If your firm or organization’s name is missing and you believe it should be included, please write to us on your letterhead or email us directly with the information necessary for a new listing. All inquiries will be answered. If you are a new company, please contact us regardless of you size.

If you prefer not to have a listing in this Directory, please let us know and you will be quickly be removed.

If you find the Directory useful, please spread the word! We have to cover our time and expenses to maintain this website or I will be in the dog house.

We are counting on you to help us make the Directory the best source for all O Scale manufacturers, vendors and hobby shops. Our success depends on YOUR success!

Write to us at:

O Scale Directory
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You can contact me at:


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Note: Do keep in mind that this is a one man, part time operation, so there could be some small delays in replying to your inquiries.